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Micro-graft Hair Transplantation

Male hair transplant surgery was well publicised in the press. With famous football stars like Manchester United’s Waye Rooney undergoing hair transplant therapy under the media spotlight, are other guys out there contemplating such decorative plastic surgery therapy?

99 percent of hair transplants are carried out on guys with the amount of these treatments increasing every year. It’s correct that the results could be spectacular!!

More and more younger guys are undergoing such male intimate procedure and taking pride in their brand new full head of hair!

What is Micro-graft surgery?

Micro-graft hair transplant surgery is a brand new method: The process is time consuming due to the experience involved, however, the results could be life changing.

Under visual magnification, the hair follicles have been individually harvested in the donor region. This is performed by a group of well trained physicians and nurses.

Micro-surgical dissection of the donor strip must be performed in a professional manner, this is vital for successful transplantation.

The chosen donor strip is cut in to small, single units composed of a couple of follicles. Single strand units are transplanted in the frontal hairline. Multiple follicle components (2 to 4 follicles) are utilized on the cover of the scalp to supply a milder effect.

The hair implants every graft individually to the balding scalp. The process is very labour intensive. It takes 3 to 5 medical and paramedical specialists through both to 6 hour surgical procedure.

The prevalence of hair transplantation is definitely growing as more guys are taking pride in their physical appearance. Those designer outfits are only part of the last appearance, who was it who said that our “hair is our crowning glory”??

Male breast reduction or gynaecomasty

Male grooming is growing a growing number of part of many guys ‘s daily ritual. In now ‘s world guys are expected to create just as much of the effort as their feminine counterpart! This simple fact is something that is growing more evident in the realm of cosmetic plastic surgery. In the last several years tendencies are changing and male cosmetic surgery procedures are increasing on a consistent basis.